The Breakfast Club

+44 20 7078 9633
12-16 Artillery Ln London Greater London
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Foursquare Reviews:

Trendy American breakfast spot. Huge portion but to be honest, the food here isn't quite worth queuing for. -Jonathan

OMG there's a "secret" fridge! *nudge nudge wink wink* -Sinead

Bit disappointing. The food really isn't great. More style than substance. -Trystan

This is ‘The Breakfast Club Part Four’ – the all-day diner chain has expanded east with a Spitalfields branch, two years after the third opened up the road in Hoxton. -Time Out London

Ask to see The Mayor -Reemé

Ask for the mayor. -David

Take a look in the fridge! -Squeals

Pencaaaakeees! ???? -Michael

Best banoffee pie! -Cathy

Slow service, and not brilliant attitude from staff. -Jon

Don't forget to grab a drink from the "smeg" fridge! It is not a common fridge but a magic one :) -Athina

Working mega drive in the corner!!!! -Laura

Sorry about the strawberry-flavoured Jenga pieces. It all got a bit out of hand... -Lauren

El butty for a great breakfast fix. -Pasa

The queues are sometimes huge, but worth the wait. -Llyr

"Iwantitthatway" is their latest wifi password! -Guy

Amazing place! Try Club's classic - Pulled Pork Sandwich - meat is very soft, and a bun is yammy! Pancakes and smoothies deserve attention as well. PS. Don't forget about the secret of the fridge ;) -Irina

Are people queuing for ages for this place on crack or something? It's a nice place & I love their haloumi wrap, but seriously?! You can walk to the Breakfast Club on Hoxton Square & be served quicker -Conall

Order a chai tea latter and order it with vanilla! Yum! -Kerrie

Huevos Rancheros is huge and tasty!!! :-) -Patrick