Steak 'n Shake

(407) 297-6650
7101 W. Colonial Blvd Orlando FL
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6.3 (70 Votes)

Foursquare Reviews:

steak n shake meal is the best! -Cassie

Use coupons, get 8 milkshakes. -Jeremy

They took to long to serves us the food -Jonathan

Good good service bad -Michael

They have terrible service here!! -Shaketa

First time here and all I gotta say is that they have the best Strawberry Milkshake ever! -Aleyda

Seriously the worst service here! Wait staff bull shitting doing nothing. Food was good though! -Ashley

If Kenneth is the only server, just walk out. Unless you want to be talked at about nothing instead of getting your food or eating. -Evan

Good luck with service. We were ignored for 5 mins at door then sat and ignored for 5 more minutes. -Cassie

The food is really good, hot and fresh. You have to wait a long time to even place your order, no matter if there's 4 people in there or 40. The service SUCKS! The tip is here, not with the server. -Samm

Gotta try the ice cream Oreo cookie. -Nandie

Good food, shit service -Samm

The only reason I haven't walked out, I want the damn receipt with the phone number for corporate. Asses will be ripped tomorrow! -Samm

Very good food for the cost and the service is not horrible. -Sham

Kids Eat FREE on the weekends!! -Meredith

It is busy and very slow service tonight. -Just

Lunch. Good -Deaconess

If you get Ebony as a server, good luck! She will ignore you for an eternity! -Kevin

Mocha milkshake. #winning. -Gary

Cookie dough shake!!!! -Nijoty