(407) 896-8313
647 East Colonial Drive at N Summerlin Ave Orlando FL
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7.5 (158 Votes)

Foursquare Reviews:

Orlando's after 2am Nightlife is non-exsistent so everyone goes to iHop after heavily drinking -Derek

This place sucks -Christina

The waitress, shy, is extremely rude. -Mike

Get the spinach & cheese omelette - its amazing! And the buttermilk pancakes aren't half bad either. Try those too. -Vandana

The GAYHop is the best place to go after u get drunk at the bar!!!" SkYY Status -MaDDy

Always ask for Tina. She's the best ever!!! -Jason

People are doing drug deals in the parking lot. -AC

Watch out for hair in your food! Guess that's why waitresses should be in the kitchen :-/ -Jenny

I'm sitting in the diner and it says I'm .7 miles away:/ -AC

Don't argue with the mayor!! -John

Yes it may be busy but the waitress Shy is rather rude. -Meredith

Myra is an amazing server...highly recommend if you want good and fast service. -Rachel

Just eat it -Francisco

Free pancakes til 10pm today!! -Kia

Very great servitude. Great quality food. Highly recommended -ShinOniNezumi

Tracy is the best server here! She rocks. -Eddie

Love love Tina - best waitress ever ! -Dave

You MUST ask for Tina, Charlene or Miss Wanda there are no others!!!!! -Michael

Chicken and waffles! -Xander

Ask for Emily or Tina! -Zach