Le Pain Quotidien

+44 20 7486 6154
15-17 Exhibition Rd near Cromwell Rd Queen's Gate Greater London
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Лучшее место для завтраков! -Игорь

If you're visiting the nearby museums, get lunch here - I'd suggest a takeaway and then eat in the gardens of the Natural History Museum if its sunny. Much cheaper than inside the museums. -Neil

Really don't like the coffee being served in bowls with no handles (including small latte) especially when sitting at a wobbly table. Nice food though. -Sara

İstanbul, New York, Paris, Londra... I beleieve I earned the right to generalize that they have the slowest service on earth! -Zeynep

Best place in London to go for a breakfast in London! Even if we had to travel all the way to the other side of the city, this place is it! -Rene

Great breakfast place! -Malgorzata

The Strawberry Pavlova is excellent! -Hannah

Smoked chicken salad is absolutely delicious! -Alena

That is so cool! -Karina

Very nice place to chilling out with good wine and some roasted potatoes yummy!! -Stefania

Very nice location, on a good weather prefer to sit outside, food and drinks are on the range of the chain -Alexia

Best breakfast in South Kensington... -M.

Yummmyyyy ! -Hulya

Best breakfast spot in South Kensington. Try their coffee, and also the watermelon cooler. -Kim

Very busy at lunchtime on Saturday -Paul

Great breakfast place! From the hot chocolate to the pastries and porridge! -Jeane

Great place for brunch! A lot of great choices! Really nice place to be. A must come!! -Eric Carter

Spelt bread and soup -B

Fresh products good breakfast good prices -Giorgos

As chains go, a pretty decent breakfast. Opens early and offers free wifi, so a good place to get some work done before everything kicks off. -Anders